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Mini Full HD spy camera WiFi LED bulb

WIFI IP cameras in a light bulb are the perfect complement to typical surveillance. They work as hidden – spy cameras, and at the same time guarantee very similar operation to advanced IP cameras. Thanks to the built-in WIFI module, the cameras can be connected without additional installation of LAN cables.

Thanks to the HD + resolution (1.3Mpx – 1280x960px), and an extremely wide 360 ​​° viewing angle, the camera allows free observation in rooms with an area of ​​up to 100 m2.

The camera is equipped with an E27 thread and 230V power supply, making it quick and easy to install home monitoring. Just screw it into the chandelier, or use a dedicated adapter to install it directly on the ceiling. The camera will allow you to create your own monitoring of a house, apartment, office, store or warehouse.

A special application designed for our bulb allows you to check what is currently happening in the monitored room at any time, anywhere in the world. Through the Internet, you can control all the bulb settings, e.g. where the data is saved, or change the quality of the recordings.

We can move the camera.

We can record what is happening in the monitored room onto a memory card.

You can set the camera to record only when it detects motion

The bulb is powered via the E27 socket, it does not require charging. This allows the device to work continuously for 24 hours.

Built-in microphone and loudspeaker enables communication in both directions while previewing the video.

Thanks to the WiFi camera in the bulb, you will secure your home like never before. Thanks to the latest technology, many useful functions have been installed in a small bulb with an E27 thread.
The device is controlled from the application level, which you can easily download to your phone.
From now on, even when you go on vacation, you can have control over what is happening in your home!
Due to its inconspicuous appearance, the device is unobtrusive. It has a dual function – a camera and an ordinary light bulb with LED diodes.
The camera in the bulb has a field of view equal to 5 standard cameras!
The device does not need any additional power supply.

Camera resolution: 1.3 MP – 960P
Focal Length of the Lens: 360 ° fisheye
Camera control via the phone application: YES
Two-way audio communication: YES (built-in microphone / speaker)
Call. micro SD card slot: YES (up to 128GB)
Motion Detection: YES (e-mail / application notification)
Alarm: Yes
Taking a picture from the application: YES
Application for phone / tablet: YES
WiFi connection: YES
Mounting: E27
speaker holes
RESET button
thread E27
SD card slot
luminous surface with LED diodes
camera lens

WiFi camera in a 2MPX bulb
mounting kit
instruction in Polish
original packaging

The wide-angle Fish Eye lens captures everything that happens within the camera’s field of view.
Videos and audio recorded by the device will be saved on the SD card or in the cloud and sent live to the application synchronized with the camera.
The excellent recording quality of Full HD will make sure that you will not miss any detail.
The LED diodes the bulb is equipped with will illuminate the surroundings even at night!
The motion sensor that the camera is equipped with automatically activates recording when an unauthorized person invades your home during your absence. The device will not only record the entire situation, but also notify you about it by sending a text message to your phone. In addition to the monitoring function, the camera will also work as an electronic nanny or a device for observing domestic animals!

Through the application, you can not only watch the recorded image, but also listen to the accompanying sound, give voice commands and even control the light and its brightness!
The device is compatible with Android and iOS systems. It can also be operated from a desktop computer