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Weather Station Thermometer Digital Alarm Clock Wall

Weather Station Thermometer Digital Alarm Clock Wall

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Type: Household Thermometers
Thermometer Type: Digital
Material: Plastic
Model Number: FJ3356
Product Type: Temperature Humidity Meters
Thermometer Use: Household Thermometer
Name: Digital Weather Station Alarm Clock Comfort Indicator
Features: Time, Alarm, Calendar, Temperature, Humidity, Comfort indication
8 languages: EN, GE, IT, FR, RU, SP, DU, DA
Humidity measurable range: 20%RH ~ 95%RH
Indoor temperature: 0°C (32°F) ~ 50°C (122°F)
Outdoor temperature: -20°C (-4°F) ~ 60°C (140°F)
Comfort: Level 5 comfort index
Color: White, Black

anJu 2019 New Digital Thermometer Weather Station Alarm Clock FJ3356. With a simple and modern design, the product is lighter and more beautiful. You can choose stationary or wall-mounted wireless sensors with thermometers and hygrometers for measuring temperature and humidity in various places. Unique 5 levels of display comfort, the use of pointer instructions is more intuitive.



1. Radio control function DCF (for Germany);

2. The eternal calendar until 2099;

3. Day of the week in 8 languages ​​user choice: English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Dutch and Danish;

4. Time in any format 12/24 hours;

5. Daily alarm function;

6. Humidity: internal and external measured range: 20% RH ~ 95% RH;

7. Temperature:

- Room temperature measurement range: 0 ° C (32 ° F) ~ 50 ° C (122 ° F),

-Outside temperature measurement ranges: -20 ° C (-4 ° F) ~ 60 ° C (140 ° F),

-Temperature as option in ℃ or ℉,

-Announcement of an external thermometer;

8. Minimum / maximum display for humidity and temperature;

9. Comfort level 5.


Wireless Outdoor Sensor:

- Wall mount or table stand;

-One wireless thermo sensor included;

-433.92 MHz Frequency of radio frequency transmission;

- Transmission range of 60 meters in an open area.


Main unit: 2 x LR03 AAA and wireless outdoor Sensor: 2 x LR03 AAA (package not included).

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