V380 HD - 360 degree wifi smart camera

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During a long absence, do you sometimes want to peek home to see if everything is okay? If you often have tents in your home about the safety of your home, it doesn't hurt to get a Security Camera that can monitor your home every minute of the day.
Are you afraid you haven't turned off all the devices? How did you leave a window open? Did you leave a light on? Check it out with the help of the 360-degree surveillance camera! Using the product, you can look home at any time through your phone to see if everything is okay in your home. Thanks to its night vision function and 360-degree viewing angle, nothing is guaranteed to escape your attention. You can view any point of your camera room on your mobile screen at any time. Plus, you can save what you've seen on camera, so you can look back at any time. With two-way communication, you can not only listen but also speak to people. Security camera, surveillance camera features: Viewing angle: 360 ° Power supply: 5V Connection: WiFi Supported operating system: iOS, Android Image sensor: 720PH, 960PH, 1080PH Mobile WIFI video: 720p, 960p, 1080p, VGA Accessories: 1 adapter, 1 pc USB cable, clips