Titan twist non-drip flat mop for cleaning

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Mop with a squeezing system for any floor titan twist Product features: Light and handy Takes up little space Convenient to use Better collects dirt Allows you to clean in 3 steps: rinse, squeeze and wash Suitable for all types of floors: tiles, marble, ceramics, wood, glass , etc. It has a 360-degree rotating head and an adjustable mop handle, thanks to which it allows you to reach all nooks and crannies. Clean water is enough for cleaning. It does not require using a bucket and touching the dirty pad with your hands. Absorbs dirt and water 10 times faster than a regular mop. : 34cm x 12cm Adjustable stick length: 104cm - 122cm Note. It is not recommended to use the juicing system all the way. There is a risk of component breakage. The set includes: A mop with a squeezing system with an overlay Original packaging