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Storage sock organizer

Storage sock organizer

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Like most households in the world, your drawer is full of mismatched socks? Do not panic ! To end the orphan sock syndrome, Shop Story offers this revolutionary accessory for washing and storing socks without losing any. Finish the galley of orphan socks! Its playful design and its ease adapts to all ... From now on at home, everyone will have their socks organizer. Features: Can hold 10 pairs of socks. Length approx. : 50 cm.

Accessory for washing and storing socks. Washing and storing socks has never been easier. Indeed, here is the revolutionary accessory that will reconcile you with laundry. Easy to use, it will save you a lot of time. It is specially designed to help you wash, dry and store your socks in your drawers. How does it work exactly? It is very simple. Just insert the pairs of socks in the cords from the bottom and tighten the press buttons. Put everything in the washing machine, program your usual cycle ... and go! At the end of the program, hang your organizer on your clothesline and as soon as it is dry, put it in your closet or untie your socks in pairs for easy storage. Clever is not it?

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