SPIDER PHONE: Smartphone Holder for Bicycle

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ELASTIC, RESISTANT AND ADAPTABLE Made of high quality silicone, the Spider Phone allows full grip on the handlebars and adapts to any phone. Its rubber material expands to secure even the largest smartphones. EASY TO ASSEMBLE BUT ALSO DISASSEMBLE Quick and easy installation, requiring no tools. Simply tighten the strap and you're good to go. CONVENIENT, EASY AND SAFE USE The Spider Phone has anti-vibration technology with 4 attachment points allowing your phone to stay secure, even on bumpy roads. It is resistant to strong impacts, vibrations and shocks, even at high speed. LIGHTWEIGHT, SUPER COMPACT AND HANDY Choose the viewing angle that suits you best. The Spider Phone is rotatable, so you can put your phone in landscape or portrait. There is no obstruction to plug in your headphones.
The Spider Phone Universal Holder is ideal for keeping your mobile handy while cycling. Thanks to its original and silicone design, this gadget is flexible and can be easily placed on any handlebars. Other advantage, it adapts to all types of mobile, large and small. The Spider Phone is a strong mobile support, safe and very easy to assemble and disassemble. It is light and practical. You can also attach it to other vehicles with handlebars, such as electric scooters, motorcycles, even on a shopping cart in the supermarket, on a stroller or on a treadmill. Enhance Your Cycling Experience The Spider Phone universal bike mount easily adapts to the handlebars of your bike. Once in place, you can put your smartphone in portrait mode and use it as a GPS, to measure the distances traveled, and even to listen to your favorite music. Compatible with all smartphones It adapts to a large majority of smartphones, even equipped with a protective shell. Its flexible silicone fasteners stretch to accommodate larger formats. Secure mounting of your device Installation is quick and easy. Whether on the handlebars of your bike or your motorcycle, all you have to do is position the support on your handlebars and tighten using the rubber notched tongue. 
Material: Silicone Type: Universal Color: Black Suitable for bicycles, scooters etc. Dimensions approx. : 7.0 x 14.0 x 4.5 cm Net weight: 35g Tip: Hang your phone in the middle of the handlebar