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Rotatable Rear Bike

Rotatable Rear Bike

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With RearViz you have an extra pair of eyes in mind when cycling. The RearViz SL-15 is the Slim Line edition of the RearViz Mirror. The rear-view mirror is lightweight and the bracelet half the size of the sports edition. This makes the mirror ideal for riders with leaner arms. Although the SL-15 can be worn by all cyclists, this model is particularly recommended for cyclists who prefer to wear the RearViz on their wrists. Characteristics 

- Non-flexible, slim housing 

- Perfect for leaner arms 

- Universal bracelet 

- Fully rotating base and mirror 

- Water 

- and weatherproof 

- No distorted image Product information 

- Product: RearViz Slim Line SL-15 

- Rotating Bicycle Rearview Mirror 

- Black 

- Material: Plastic, Rubber 

- Weight: 55 grams 

- Colour black 
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