Rotary Mechanical Broom with Reservoir

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Doing the housework is restrictive ... Are you lazy at the mere idea of having to remove the vacuum cleaner from the closet? Bulky, noisy and too heavy to carry? We have the solution: the CicloPlus! This rotary broom and its collecting tank will give you back the taste of household! No dust escapes it thanks to its three brushes and its swivel handle.
The CicloPlus is part of the new generation of cleaning products. It consists of a rotating broom and an integrated dust collector. Easy to use, its dusting brushes cover every corner of the house. No need to use the brush and tire your back anymore! It sweeps away dust, paper, hair and hair, small food waste and even a whole slice of bread! Vacuum everything: The technology of the CicloPlus allows you to vacuum all the dirt effortlessly. This broom works like a vacuum cleaner but without a bag, without electricity or battery and above all without noise! Thanks to its 3 rotating and multifunctional brushes, cleaning will become a real pleasure! Zero Pollution: The CicloPlus turns out to be more efficient than many conventional vacuum cleaners. Cheaper and less polluting since it does not consume electricity and does not waste bags. Its ecological footprint is therefore very small. Multifunction: The CicloPlus is at the same time a broom, a dustpan and a dustbin thanks to its integrated collector. It swallows dust in no time! Discreet: This broom is completely silent, unlike conventional vacuum cleaners which make a deafening noise. Suitable for all floors: The CicloPlus weighs less than a kilo. It is suitable for all types of floors: carpet, tiles, parquet, linoleum, marble, concrete ... nothing can resist it! Easy to use: It sweeps efficiently and without bending down. Stop hurting your back trying to get around every corner. Its 360 degree directional head will make your job easier. Operation: This broom does not require any bag, filter or battery. It is not electrical but mechanical. To operate, push this hand broom forward, in the direction of travel, and its rotating brushes will effectively lift and sweep dirt and debris on the ground. The sweepings are automatically collected in the integrated dustpan. Once the sweep has passed, it is very easy to empty. With a simple movement, open the lid on the back of the tank and you're done. CicloPlus works on all surfaces: wood, tiles, marble, linoleum, vinyl, etc. Waterproof. It can be used in the bathroom and the kitchen. It can also be washed with water. Compact, It folds up for storage. Strengths: Energy saving (no electricity required) - Environmental protection. Easy to use with 360 degree rotation. Composed of a broom and a dust collector with support. Use three roller brush, high quality bristles, nylon and other materials to clean all corners and prevent damage to the floor. Characteristics: High quality - Any type of surface Color: Green Materials: ABS plastic + Stainless steel + Nylon and microfiber Dust tank: 0.5 L Length of the pole: 100 cm Dimensions: 35 x 8 x 52-106 cm