Retro Video Games Console, Mini, 2xAAA Batteries

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Best gift Children 3 +

Retro Video Games Console, Mini, 2xAAA Batteries (not included)

Function: Battery Operated Mini Retro Console with over 100 game modes! Small, compact and perfect as a pastime for the road. Ultra-easy operation.
Size: Diameter: about 7.5cm
Colors (if assorted ): purple, pink, green, orange
Material: plastic
Content of the sales package: 1 game console (without batteries)
Batteries: 2x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included)


1.Press the on button to turn the console on and off. the device switches off after 5 minutes without keyboard interference from itself, change.

2.Press rotate un select a game.

3.Muzik  Press the Music, button repeatedly to adjust the volume. 4. Start. press the S/P button to start or pause a selected game. 5 Reset. press the RESET button and reset your complete console

Up/down press the UP/Down button to select a game. The button is also used for UP and control within the games.

  1. Left/Right

Use the Left/ Right, button to select the difficulty level LEFT, and select the Schenelligkei RIGHT. The button is also used for right and left control within the games