Retro game console that can be connected to a TV

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Retro game console that can be connected to a TV
-620 built-in game
-2 db controller
-RCA connector
-1 and 2 player modes
We bring your childhood back with our retro game console!
Who wouldn’t remember a game that devoured all afternoons, the eternal classic Super Mario, Pac-Man or Mortal Kombat battles?
Now you can relive the gaming experience and the visual world, and you can also show your child what you spent your free time on.
The console has 620 built-in games, so you don't have to use different cassettes or accessories.
Just select your favorite and you can start the fun in either 1 or 2 player mode.
The game has 2 controllers. It can be connected to the TV with an RCA cable.
Its advantage over old models is that its size is tiny, so it fits almost anywhere.
Contents of the package:
-1 game console
-2 controllers + wire
-1 pc RCA cable
-1 pc adapter
Package size: 21.8x16.5x7.5 cm
Package weight: 0.499 kg