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Midi Wireless vacuum cleaner black

Midi Wireless vacuum cleaner black

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Discover a new dimension of convenient and efficient car cleaning with the Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner. With this compact and powerful vacuum cleaner, you can easily get rid of dust, dirt and liquids accumulated in your car, all wirelessly. High-quality technology and practical design combine to keep your car clean and tidy at all times. Main features: Cordless Freedom: This vacuum cleaner works wirelessly, so you don't have to worry about wires scattered around your car or garage. Strong Power: Its rated voltage is ≤36V and its rated power is 120W, so the vacuum cleaner can effectively deal with even the most stubborn dirt.

Wet and Dry Use: The double-sided vacuum function allows you to remove both dry and wet dirt at the same time, so your car will always be sparkling clean. Portable Design: The simple and interior style vacuum cleaner is easy to carry, so you can use it anywhere and anytime. Special Nozzle: With the help of the flat nozzle, you can easily get into tight spaces and remove most hidden dirt. Stylish Design: Its black design lends a simple but elegant style to cleaning your car. USB Power: The energy mode is via USB, so you can easily recharge your battery at any time. Long Operating Time: The built-in 1001mAh battery capacity ensures a long operating time, so you can clean several cars with a single charge. Package contents: 1 vacuum cleaner 1 extension tube 1 head 1 usb cable

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