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Lamps 36LED - meteors 50cm-8 pcs - warm white 7V

Lamps 36LED - meteors 50cm-8 pcs - warm white 7V

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  • COMBINABLE - this unique lighting will be perfect as a Christmas decoration. It has LED lights on 8 meteors, imitating falling snow. Lamps create a unique and unique decoration of any interior or garden. The lamps are powered by electricity from the mains, so you do not have to worry about the constant replacement of the battery. The lamps are additionally equipped with both male and female plugs which allows you to combine them even into huge sets . This option is extremely useful when decorating houses or larger trees, e.g. in the garden.
  • THEY HAVE A TRANSFORMER - one of the icicles' greatest advantages is also the fact that they have a transformer that changes the voltage from 230V to 7V, so you can leave them on and leave the house. You don't have to worry that they will lead to a fire, for example.
  • 288 LED LAMPS ON 8 METEORS - Due to the fact that the lamps are LED, they consume much less energy than traditional light sources, because they do not emit heat when shining. They are also characterized by a long operating time from 15,000 h to even 35,000 h. The decoration has 288 LEDs on over 8 meteors, 36 LEDs per 1 meteor. Meteors are characterized by a gentle flow of light from top to bottom, such lighting perfectly imitates falling snow.
  • WATERPROOF - the ornament is waterproof IP44 which means that it is protected against the ingress of foreign bodies with a diameter greater than 1 mm and against water spraying from all sides. Perfect for both an apartment and a garden, illuminating the front door or the garden.
  • SPECIFICATION - type of lighting; LED; light color: warm white; number of meteors: 8; length of 1 meteor: 50cm; number of LEDs: 288; wiring color: transparent; waterproof class: IP44; power supply: power grid; power: 3.5W; voltage: 230V / 7V; total length: 4.5 m; weight: 0.15 kg; weight in the package: 0.2 kg


  • type of lighting: LED
  • light color: warm white
  • number of meteors: 8
  • length of 1 meteor: 50cm
  • number of LEDs: 288
  • wiring color: transparent
  • waterproof class: IP44
  • power supply: power grid
  • power: 3.5W
  • voltage: 230V / 7V
  • total length: 4.5 m
  • weight: 0.15 kg
  • weight in the package: 0.2 kg

The lamps will prove themselves not only as an ornament for Christmas, e.g. a Christmas tree, is also a great way to decorate an apartment and an atmospheric background for photos .

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