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Jewelry box / chest - black

Jewelry box / chest - black

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  • CAPACIOUS - thanks to 20 different compartments and recesses, the trunk will help you perfectly control the order in your jewelry collection.
  • LOCKABLE – thanks to the attached key, we can be sure that no one but us uses the chest, does not look at and does not borrow jewelry it is an additional protection of valuable items.
  • SPECIFICATION – dimensions of the closed case (length/width/height): 17.5/13.8/13.5cm, weight: 643g, color: black material: PU+MDF+polyester+metal elements
  • SAFE FOR JEWELRY – the compartments are lined with a soft material to protect delicate and valuable items from scratches.
  • ELEGANT – a timeless pattern, nice shape and golden elements add class to the trunk aesthetic, attractive appearance.


  • black colour
  • material: PU+MDF+polyester+metal elements
  • dimensions of the closed trunk (length / width / height): 17.5 / 13.8 / 13.5 cm
  • weight: 643g
  • weight with packaging: 733g


  • trunk
  • key

The trunk will allow you to take care of your jewelery in style, protecting it from damage and displaying it beautifully. Use a product specially designed for this purpose and enjoy your valuables perfectly organized and secured in one place.

Practical box has 20 different compartments and recesses , thanks to which you will control the order of your collection . In addition to compartments, the chest also has 3 independently retractable drawers. The compartments come in different sizes and are perfect for hiding watches, bracelets, chains and earrings, and even coins or USB flash drives with important data.

Smaller items, such as pendants, stud earrings and rings, will be perfectly served by specially adapted compartments in the form of rolls, which stably hold small valuables. Straps with snaps placed next to the mirror allow you to store bracelets, chains, etc., protecting them against loss. You can also attach several makeup brushes or earrings to the straps, thanks to the special holes.

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