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High-quality touch gloves for your smartphone - allow you to precisely operate the touch display without having to remove gloves from your hands. Irreplaceable in cold weather, from autumn to spring. Beautiful Scandinavian pattern.

Product features:

  • The product is brand new, high quality.
  • Gloves in which typing on the screen of a mobile phone will finally become possible. It is a product dedicated to smartphones, tablets and other devices equipped with touch screens of any type.
  • As many as 3 conductive points on the fingers (thumb, index, middle) allow quick and precise operation of any device with a touch screen.
  • From now on, your hands will not freeze when it is cold outside, and you have to answer the phone, write an SMS or change the status on Facebook:)
  • The gloves are warm, made of high quality material to effectively protect your hands from low temperatures.
  • Irreplaceable from autumn to spring
  • For women and men.
  • Flexible, perfectly fit for your hand, Universal size.
  • Composition: 95% acrylic, 5% elastane (lycra),
  • Pattern: black star
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