Eyebrow pencil Tattoo Natural Waterproof Effect

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Thanks to the new Waterproof Micro-Precision Eyebrow Pencil, your eyebrows are densified and perfectly drawn, all day long! Its beveled brush allows you to fill in the eyebrows and structure them for a guaranteed natural result. Its waterproof formula allows an irreproachable hold throughout the day. Its 3 different shades allow it to adapt to any type of skin tone.
Benefits: Natural result. Structured eyebrows. Precise drawing. Perfect texture. Waterproof outfit. Characteristics: Helps to obtain well-defined and well-defined eyebrows. Guarantees a natural result that lasts all day. Light formula that adapts to all skin types. 3 shades: chestnut, brown and gray (so as not to harden the look on black hair). Directions for use: For a natural result, apply the product gently using the applicator brush. For a more intense result, use the entire surface of the felt. In case of missteps, use your usual makeup remover to erase the line. For an always intense result, store the eyebrow pencil Tattoo natural effect points down.