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Eye Shadow Palette of 120 Colors

Eye Shadow Palette of 120 Colors

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  • SET OF 120 EYESHADOWS - the presented set consists of 120 blending eye shadows with two types of finishes: pearl and matte. Such a large number of colors will certainly allow you to create creative eye makeup for all occasions. The palette has both juicy, intense shadows perfect for an evening outing or a party, as well as subdued colors that will create a delicate everyday make-up. The shadows are arranged in a neat composition, which will allow you to quickly find the desired color. It is a perfect gift idea for every woman who likes good makeup.
  • LIGHT AND PRACTICAL -   despite its rich content, the palette is lightweight, thanks to which it doesn't weigh in your hand during make-up . You can put it in your purse and take it to a party to perfect your make-up after a few hours. Cartridges with shadows are removable, which allows you to leave unnecessary colors at home. They can be replaced by other small accessories, such as brushes or mini eyebrow or eye pads.
  • EFFICIENT - the shadows contained in the palette are extremely heavily pigmented and thus - efficient. Just one brush stroke to get an intense color that stays on your eyelid for a long time. Although the colors have a strong pigment, they do not leave stains on the eyelid and easily rub even to the most delicate clouds.
  • AESTHETIC, EASY CLOSED BOX - the whole is closed in a black box, closed with a latch. The dark color makes the case look aesthetic and elegant. It takes up little space, which will help you move the paddle.
  • SPECIFICATION - number of shadows: 120; case dimensions (length / width / height): 23/15 / 1.7cm; weight: 435g.

A set of 120 eye shadows is ideal for both experienced and beginners.

It has a huge range of colors, so everyone will find something for themselves.

It contains both intense eye shadows with unusual shades and neutral colors for everyday makeup.

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