Christmas String Lights Firework LED Copper

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  • 100 LED LAMPS EXPLODING STAR - this is an excellent composition that is ideal for highlighting various decorations and compositions. It is also a great Christmas decoration that will give a Christmas atmosphere to any interior. It consists of 50 wires with 100 small LED diodes . The stamens can be bent and shaped in various ways. We are limited only by imagination. You can create a star, a ball or an imitation of cold flames, fireworks. The lamps are waterproof so we can immerse them in water to create unusual decorations. They are powered by 4 AA batteries. There is a hook on the small battery to which they are connected. Thanks to it we can hang the decoration on the shelf and even the ceiling.
  • 8 LIGHTING MODES - lamps have as many as eight different lighting modes and 11 levels of brightness , thanks to which they create a unique and unique decoration of any interior. They have different speeds and sequences. Everything can be controlled by remote control. They shine with a cool white light that does not irritate the eyes. The lamps are battery powered, so you don't have to worry about the availability of a power source. They can decorate any surface, also in non-standard places - without cables and extension cords .
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED - the lights are controlled by an extremely handy and convenient battery remote control (included in the set). It has many buttons thanks to which we can change the intensity of light, modes and turn the decoration on and off. The lamps also have a timer, thanks to which we can program their lighting time . It will be very comfortable in the evening. The decoration will create a unique atmosphere in the bedroom or other room, and you can fall asleep or indulge in other activities without fear of constantly glowing lights.
  • ENERGY-SAVING - due to the fact that the lamps are LEDs consume much less energy than traditional light sources, because they don't emit heat when shining. They are also characterized by long working hours from 15,000 h to even 35,000 h . Diodes, like a traditional incandescent bulb, produce continuous spectrum light. They also have a very high color rendering index. Thanks to their energy efficiency, they are great as modern bedside lamps that can be hung on the ceiling or wall. We can easily control them using the remote control, which definitely simplifies use .
  • SPECIFICATION - power supply: 4x AA; dimension (width / height): 10 / 15cm; weight: 0.1kg; weight with packaging: 0.14kg; emitted light: warm white.