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Bicycle rain poncho

Bicycle rain poncho

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  • RAIN PROTECTION - the material from which the coat is made effectively protects against rain, your clothes will not get wet, so you can go out during rainy weather and not worry about catching a cold. The poncho dries very quickly.
  • QUICK SETUP - the poncho is put on over the head - you don't have to fasten any buttons or bother with the zipper when it's raining. The hood is tightened with strings.
  • UNIVERSAL - suitable for teenagers and adults, both for women and men. Its loose cut will fit e.g. a backpack or a bag underneath.
  • CASE - the set includes a practical case for easy and trouble-free storage. In addition, it has a sewn-in handle that allows you to hang it on a hanger, attach it to a backpack, etc.
  • SPECIFICATION - color: black, size: universal; dimensions (length / width): 130/115cm weight: 380g.


  • black colour
  • Universal size
  • dimensions (length / width): 130/115cm
  • weight: 380g


  • poncho
  • case

The poncho has been designed for both men and women. The size is universal - the poncho is large, so it will fit practically everyone. The coat is solid and durable. The coat is worn over the head. It has a hood with a small visor, it protects the face from the rain. The presented poncho is an ideal proposition for survival enthusiasts, hunters, anglers, travelers and enthusiasts of qualified tourism.

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