BBQNET barbecue cooking bags (pack of 2)

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A set of 2 barbecue cooking bags, perfect for grilling vegetables and other small foods without them sticking or spilling and burning. Very practical and easy to use, just put the food in the bags and place them on the barbecue grill (never directly above the flames). Foods cook better and taste better because the smoke goes through the mesh. Just flip the bags to cook Other side. Because the food is inside the bags, it does not disperse and does not fall out during cooking. Once cooked, they are easy to remove thanks to the non-sticks.
Characteristics: Material: PTFE Includes: 2 units. PFOA and BPA free. Light and handy. Innovative and functional design. Easy to transport and store. Practical, simple and safe to use. 2 buttons Closure type pressure. Type: non-stick & reusable. Heat resistant: up to 300 ° C. Easy to clean: suitable for dishwasher. Ideal for grilling vegetables and other small foods on the barbecue. Approximate dimensions: (2x) 24 x 28 centimeters.