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8-piece knife set - black

8-piece knife set - black

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This exclusive 8-piece kitchen knife set has everything you need in a modern kitchen. It is made of quality materials, so durability and precise work are guaranteed. Butcher's knife: A solid knife that is ideal for chopping meat and larger vegetables. Chef's knife: An essential tool for universal kitchen work, a must-have in every kitchen. Bread slicer: With its wavy blade, you can easily slice fresh bread without crushing it. Universal knife: For smaller cutting tasks, slicing fruits and vegetables. Peeling knife: For peeling smaller fruits and vegetables, for precise work. Scissors: For small kitchen work, opening packages and other tasks. Grinding steel: An essential tool for knife sharpening, which guarantees the long-lasting sharpness of the blades. Knife holder: Elegant and practical storage for knives, which not only helps to maintain order, but can also be a decoration of the kitchen.

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