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White Light Teeth Whitening System LED

Regular price €38.99

Item Type: Teeth Whitening
Size: Moderate
NET WT: 90g
type: teeth whitening
used at: home ,salon,clini ,spa
gel: 44%cp
CE: approved
flavor : mint
gel quantity : 4*3ml
NET WT: 40 g

 3pcs*3ml teeth whitening gel

                                    1pc desensitization gel

                                    2pcs  therforming mouth tray

                                    1pc mouth tray and 1pc tray case

                                    1pc mini led light(without battery)

                                    1user manual and 1 paper shade guide

whitening gel strength:0.1%cp,16%cp,22%cp,35%cp,44%cp,16%hp,22%hp

show your white smile:in 1 week


1)Extrinsic tooth discoloration (affected by coffee,tobacco,sauce,tea,food,etc.)

2)Intrinsic tooth discoloration(mild fluorosis,tetracyline staning)

3)Genetically yellow teeth.

4) Other cause of teeth discoloring.

5)all people who want a white beautiful smile.