UV LED Nail Lamp For Gel Nail Professional LED Light Lamp Nail Dryer Smart Auto-Sensing Low Heat Model Double Power Fast Manicure Colorful Lamp

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colour: white 
Dimensions (length/width/height): 22/19/11cm 
the length of the power cord: 100cm 
the weight of the set: 412g 
scale with packaging: 530g 
power supply: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1A 
power: 48W 
the number of LEDs: 24 DUAL LED 


UV lamp with base 
detachable power cord


UV lamp is a fantastic product for women who love beautiful and neat nails. 
With its help, manicure or pedicure treatments will become even simpler and more pleasant. 
The lamp consists of two parts: a dome and a stand, which we connect overlapping each other - the stand has magnets. It is powered by a cable, which guarantees constant operation of the device at all times. The cable is detachable for easy storage and handling. It has a powerful 24 LEDs with a total power of 48W, which effectively harden the superimposed gel or hybrid. One layer of hybrid lacquer can be hardened in as little as 10 seconds (using a base, extend the curing time).
Diodes are evenly distributed throughout the upper part of the drying chamber and on its sides, so that they lighten the whole hand well, properly hardening the gel on each nail, so that they lighten the whole hand well, properly hardening the gel on each nail. On the front there is a display with a timer and buttons for selecting the curing variant, i. e. 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s. The possibility of choice gives the opportunity to adjust the operation of the device to individual needs and requirements. The 99s button will keep the lamp lit by gradually increasing its power (after approx. 30 seconds) to help you if you feel that you are burning too much when curing. 
The display counts down to the end of curing.