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Universal Food Silicone Covers Lids 6 pcs

Universal Food Silicone Covers Lids 6 pcs

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Universal reusable lids.
Ideal for protecting dishes and food products.
They perfectly replace traditional lids, aluminium foil etc.
The silicone lid helps keep food refrigerated.
It blocks the smell that will not come out of the food and will not be absorbed by it, because the lids tightly protect the products.
Main features :reusablemade of HIGH-QUALITY EXTREME siliconethey can cover all dishes such as glasses, pots, bowls, etc.
Keeping the smellresistant to high and low temperaturescan be washed in the dishwashercan be used in the microwavelight and unbreakableeasy to usethey allow liquid substances to be closed
Thanks to their flexibility, the lids fit perfectly into the dish and protect against spilling.
They have eyelets for easy application and removal.
The price is for a set of 6 pcs of one-colour lids.
Available in colours:blue

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