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Ultrasonic Face Massager 7 LED Photon Lights Sonic Face Lifting

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Brand Name: Beauty Star
Type: Ultrasonic Facial Device
Item Name: Ultrasonic Facial Device
Function 1: Remove acne and spot
Function 2: Face Lifting
Function 3: Skin Cleaner
Function 4: Wrinkle Remover
Function 5: 7 in 1 ultrasonic massager
Function 6: Ultrasonic face massager
Function 7: Photon Led

Light Function:

Red Light  (R,Wave-length 640nm) : Activate, suit for  any kinds of skins

- Red light is the warmest ray, it will  stimulates cell vigor, accelerate the blood circulation,  stimulates the revitalization of cells,  eliminate face yellowness, wrinkles & premature acne


Blue Light  (B,Wave-length 480nm) : Relieve, suit for  all kinds of skins  

- Effective acne and scars removal treatment, Promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, activate skin, shrink flabby skin.


Green Light  (G,Wave-length 518nm) : Parallel, suit for oily Skin

- Calming effect,  Improve oily skin, eliminate blackheads, acne 


Purple Light (R+B,Wave-length 640nms)


Yellow Light(R+G,Wave-length 590nm)


Light Green(G+B)-right (Wave-length 640 nm)


White Light(R+B+G)-ducting(Wave-length 510 nm)


Ultrasonic Wave Function:

-Beautify skin: Eliminate wrinkles, spots and pimples

-Thin body: Eliminate obesity, partial body slimming, whole body slimming

1 x Facial Massager

1 x Power Adapter (Proper power adapter be sent according to your country)

1 x User Manual


About plug:

This machine have: US Plug.

If you need Europen PlugBritish Plug or Australia Plug, we will send you an extra adapter.