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Touch Point Full Body Eye Massager

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Material: Plastic
Size: as picture show
Type: eye massage care
Type: Massage & Relaxation
Size: Medium
Application: Body
Material: Non-woven
Item Type: U type Eye/neck massage

Product Name: touch electric massager / Mini Massager

Packing: color box, there are detailed instructions (color card specification) Without the battery

Folding carton specifications: 16*14*3CM

Color: Pink, Blue

Package Include: 1 X touch Massager


  • SAFE MATERIAL - This product is made of durable ABS and Silica Gel material, Non-toxic, Greens Environmental Protection,providing you with a long-lasting and effective method of self-massaging.
  • EYE MASSAGE - This product is the best way to eliminate eye fatigue for some office people who often use computers and overuse their eyes. When your eyes feel dry, tired, pain, you can stop, massage and relax, which can relieve fatigue, relax pressure, feel more comfortable.
  • NECK MASSAGE - For white-collar workers who often sit in the office, they often have cervical spondylosis. When you feel sore in the neck, you can relax the neck and relieve the neck pressure by using this product.
  • FOOT MASSAGE - For some people who have been standing for a long time or have been walking out for a long time, they can use this product to massage the soles of their feet and ankles in the evening, which is helpful to relieve the pressure of their feet, relax their nerves and make their mood happy.
  • PORTABLE - Portable device, take your mini eye care tool to work and on trips, relaxing and massaging anytime and anywhere.


Main Function:  1. Eye massage to relieve eye fatigue.

  1. Neck massage to relieve pain.
  2. Heel massage to relax.

Material: ABS and Silica Gel

Color:  Blue, Pink

Size: 16*14*3 cm

Package List:

-1×Mini Eye Care Tool

Use Method:

Minute Massge:

 Experience the most relaxing minute of your day. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Hold it however is most comfortable for you. Spread the twin touch points 3 to 4 inches apart and firmly press on the inner sides of your temples. Hold for 10 seconds as you focus on letting go of the day’s tension.
  2. Next, move it to the underside of your eyebrows, spreading the twin touch points approximately 2 inches wide. Press firmly for another 10 seconds while you take a deep breath in and out.
  3. Move it to the middle of your nose,  spreading the twin touch points 1 inches apart so that they touch both sides of your nose. Press firmly for 10 seconds.

  Now move to the middle of your chin just below your lips, squeezing the two touch points together so there’s no space between them. Press firmly for 10 seconds

  1. Then move to the back of your neck, spreading the twin touch points ectra wide so that they are 4 to 5 inches apart. Find the back base of each ear and press firmly for 20 seconds as you focus on relaxing.

Foot Massge:

Happy feet, happy you. With it, a one minute foot massage is a sublim daily indulgence.

  1. Hold it however is most comfortable for you. Spread the twin touch points 1 inch apart.
  2. Starting at the back of your calf, press firmly as you travel down your ankle and the outer sides of your Achilles. Repeat two more times, or for approximately 10 seconds.
  3.  Next, move to your heel and press thetwin touch points together, so there's no space between them. Press firmly against the bottom of your foot, moving from heel to toe. Do this several times, or for about 20 seconds. Reprat the whole process on your other calf, ankle and foot.

Neck Massage:

It makes relieving neck tension easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. Hold it however is most comfortable for you. Spread it touch points approximately 4 to 5 inches apart and press them to the back base of each ear
  2. Hold firmly for 30 seconds. For best results, try lying down or sitting back in a high back chair.
  3. You may also place it around the back of the neck without holding it in your hand. Simply spread it just wide enough to securely rest on your neck and release your hand.