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Tent for children – castle

Tent for children – castle

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Tent for children – castle / palace for home and garden – blue #1163

This childrens tent is a guarantee of many house of exquisite fun. A fabric house in the shape of a magic castle is a perfect gift for every child. This palace for children has two windows made from a fine mesh and the entrance which closes with velcro. You can keep your favourite toys inside set your imagination free. The tent for children will be an ideal place, full of emotions and imaginative fun at home as well as in the fresh air - for example, in the garden, on a picnic, on a terrace or on the beach.
The palace for children is ideal for use at home, in the garden, or on the beach. A castle is made from material which is durable, waterproof and easy to clean. The whole set is quick to disassemble and store in its cover, so you can carry the childrens palace where you are. The tent is very compact when folded. The cover has two additional handles which make it easy to carry the palace with children with you to your destination. It only takes a few easy steps to unfold the whole construction - no tools are required. The base of the tent is round and so is the entrance - so there is no risk that children will hit any edges.
The magical castle is a place full of wonder. A dream house for children in which you can spend hours with your favourite book or your beloved teddy bears is a gift sure to bring a smile to any young face. The colourful childrens palace stimulates imagination and encourage play. It will be an ideal hideaway for a toddler who wants a moment of peace or a great place for hide and seek. You can take a blanket and a pillow inside with you to relax or fill it with plastic balls for a frantic fun. It is a magical place that is always nice to come back to.

PERFECT FOR HOME AND GARDEN - you can easily carry it and play wherever you are.


SAFE - made from safe synthetic material.


STIMULATES IMAGINATION - the beautiful colours of the material encourage creative play.


EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND DISASSEMBLE - when the fun is over, the tent can be folded, so it takes up little space.


SPECIFICATION -dimensions (height/width/): 135/105 cm, entrance diameter (height/width): 55/40 cm, diameter when folded: 45 cm, dominant colour: blue, windows: 2.

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