Spinning Bike Pro

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Spinning Bike Pro:
- LCD monitor
- manually adjustable resistance
- adjustable seat and handlebar height
- Heart Rate Monitor
The spinning bike is not a simple exercise bike, because the former makes it much easier for us to get up and throw all our muscle groups into the workout. Spinning is one of the most excellent cardio workouts of today, with which we can simultaneously develop our endurance and shape our body. The advantage of a spinning bike is that it puts less strain on the joints Other with cardio forms of movement e.g. as opposed to running. Spinning bikes are also available for the home, not just in the gym. Depending on your intensity as well as your workout time, you can burn up to 700-800 calories at a time. The height of the steering wheel and seat is adjustable, so you can perform the exercise in the position that suits you. With the sensors on the steering wheel, you can measure different values, and you can also track time, speed, distance traveled and calories burned on the LCD display. You can easily adjust the resistance of the flywheel with a manually adjustable screw. The pedals are equipped with straps, making them safer to use. Pro: -handle height: 90-100 cm -seat height: 80-95 cm -maximum load capacity: 90 kg -adjustable distance between the steering wheel and the seat: 37-42 cm -with phone holder bracket -with bottle holder -package size: 112x89x26 cm -package weight: 29.3 kg -Product weight: 26.5 kg Important! We recommend our spinning bike for beginners, for lower intensity training, exclusively for home use! Check and tighten the screws before each workout. Read the instruction manual carefully before assembly and use!