Potato Grow Bags with Flap and Handles Aeration Fabric Pots Heavy Duty 10 Gallon

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Type: Grow Bags
Material: Plastic
Set Type: no
Model Number: 35x45CM

Now anybody can enjoy their own delicious home-grown potatoes! These planters are designed for use on patios and balconies, or in urban gardens. One to a package - each holds about 40 lbs of compost and 3 - 5 seed potatoes. Growing guide and detailed instructions included. Tierra Garden is an importer, designer and manufacturer of distinctive garden products that has developed a reputation for quality products and a broad selection of unique garden hard goods.

Product dimensions:13.8 x 13.8 x 17.7 inches (Dia. 35cm x 45cm)

Reusable and easy to use

Made from tough, colored polyethylene; dimensions - 14" diameter x 18" high

Two side handles for ease in moving

Makes vegetable growing easy and accessible to all

Solid brass reinforced drainage holes (non rusting)

package included: 1 bag