Pot and Pan Set 12pcs Induction Gas

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PROPERTIESStainless steel handles attached to the pot body with rivets.A set of pots made of durable high-quality stainless steel.A special layered thermal bottom optimally conducts heatThe stored heat keeps the food warm after cookingTempered glass lids with a steam outlet.The super smooth surface finish with decorative satin elements prevents the accumulation of food particles and grease, making cleaning easier.Energy saving by quickly reaching the desired cooking temperature.Can be used in various types of cookers: gas, ceramic, electric, halogen & inductionDishwasher safeBoiling in a small amount of water and frying in a small amount of fat minimizes the loss of vitamins, minerals and flavor which allows you to prepare healthy foodKit components:Pot with lid Φ16x10.5cm - 2.1 litersSaucepan with lid Φ16x10.5cm - 2.1 litersPot with a lid Φ18x11.5cm - 2.9 litersPot with lid Φ20x12.5cm - 3.9 litersPot with lid Φ24x14.5cm - 6.6 litersFrying pan with Φ24 lidThe goods are completely newand is in its original packaging.