Oons + & - Anti-wrinkle massager
Oons + & - Anti-wrinkle massager

Oons + & - Anti-wrinkle massager

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Color: white

Dimensions: 6.5x3.5x17.5cm

Product Category: Wrinkle

Product group: small household appliance, skin rejuvenator

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Highly innovative portable system to fight against the signs of aging. Its system of liberation of both positive and negative ions, helps to increase the cellular energy of the skin, accelerates its metabolism, rejuvence and leaves it softer and brighter.
Used with the right cosmetic products helps the penetration of nutrients into the skin.
- Power supply: 3 V battery
- Usage time: Use in 10 applications
- Battery life: 35-45 applications
- Dimensions: 66 x 72 x 34 mm.