Non-Slip Collapsible Drainer for Sink Sink

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To save space in your small kitchen, simply unroll this steel drainer and put it on the sink. It stays in place and the dishes flow directly into the sink. It is also very convenient to drain the fruits or vegetables that you have just washed. On a table or worktop, this pull-out mat can also be used as a trivet to protect the surface from heat. It is big enough to put a pie plate or baking tray. After use, simply wrap the carpet for space-saving storage.
- Roll-up dish rack for dishwashing. - Ideal for drying dishes and draining fruits and vegetables. - Can also be used as a trivet for pots and pans. - Easy and fast roll-up, roll-up to save space. - Extremely non-slip. - Composition: stainless steel bars with silicone coating. - Dimension: 37 x 23 cm (12 tubes).