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Multifunction Watering Gun with 7 Modes

Multifunction Watering Gun with 7 Modes

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Water, clean and refresh with ease with the AQUASPRAY watering gun. This gem of technology has been meticulously designed to meet all your outdoor watering, cleaning and refreshing needs. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast, a car enthusiast keen to keep your vehicle sparkling, or a pet owner keen to pamper them with a refreshing mist on hot days, AQUASPRAY is the essential accessory that will accompany you in all your outdoor activities. Its unrivaled versatility, maximum practicality and optimal performance make it a first choice tool for anyone looking for an efficient and pleasant way to maintain their outdoor space. 7 Watering Modes for a Perfect Garden and Easy Maintenance With the AQUASPRAY gun, you benefit from seven watering modes perfectly suited to a multitude of outdoor tasks. Discover the jet, ideal for intensive cleaning and hard-to-reach surfaces. Then switch to cone mode to evenly water your plants and shrubs. For gentle watering, opt for rain mode, which simulates natural rain to preserve the delicacy of your plants. Need a blancket maximum? Full mode provides wide water dispersion, perfect for large spaces. For precise cleaning, nothing like the shower mode, which concentrates the water flow for optimal results. When dirt resists, activate pressure mode for increased power. Finally, to refresh your animals or create a soothing atmosphere, the nebulization mode diffuses a fine mist of water, perfect for hot summer days. The Importance of Watering for a Beautiful Garden Regular watering is essential to maintaining the health and beauty of your garden. With AQUASPRAY, you can provide your plants with the precise amount of water they need, which promotes lush growth and vibrant flowers. The different watering modes allow you to adapt the water pressure and flow according to the specific needs of each plant, ensuring optimal results while minimizing water waste. Limitless versatility With its 7 different watering modes, AQUASPRAY offers you the possibility to personalize your watering experience according to the specific needs of your garden, your car or your animals. Whether you need a powerful spray to clean surfaces, a delicate mist to water your delicate plants, or a concentrated spray to remove stubborn dirt, AQUASPRAY offers you a solution to suit every situation. Features Materials: ABS, PC and TPR Color: Green and Black Watering gun: flowers, plants and trees Multifunction: cleaning wheels, tires, facades, gates, garden furniture, barbecue area, etc... 7 types of jet Ergonomic handle: handle lock Simple installation: universal socket Dimensions approx: 25 x 14 x 6 cm

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