Miracle Mist style outdoor kit fogger

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The fogger is the most efficient and effective way to fight against heat: it is the solution that can lower the temperature by a dozen degrees, while you refresh for a long time With this customizable fogger, you can arrange the nozzles exactly where you want and thus refresh specific points of your exterior: near your garden, your entrance, these microdrilled water will offer you exceptional comfort in case of big heat and will delight your guests. Also used in irrigation system for your garden, it guarantees you beautiful plants all the year without effort. Do not hesitate, this summer, this mist will be the essential accessory of your well-being!
The pack includes: - 1 hose of 10m. - 1 tap nose connection. - 1 connector. - 10 nozzles. - 10 pipe joints. - Lot of quick fasteners. - 1 notice. Most: - Ideal to lower the temperature in case of strong heat. - Easy to install, without specific tools. - Compatible with most watering systems.