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Mini Rotating Magic Disco Ball Strobe Stage Lights

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Style: Mini
Occasion: Home Entertainment
Voltage: 220V
Item Type: Stage Lighting Effect
Brand Name: hollyton

Voltage: AC110V-220V,50HZ-60HZ 
Rated Power:10W 
led Light: Totall Super bright 51pcs Led lights Muliti Color Changes 
48PCS RGB(16PCS Red 16PCS Green 16PCS Blue,offer red&green mixed 
color, red&blue mixed color,green&blue mixed color,red, blue and green mixed color 
seven color change) Sunflower Leds in the bottom. 3PCS RGB (1PCS Red 
1PCS Green 1 PCS Blue, offer red&green mixed color, red&blue mixed 
color, green&blue mixed color, red, blue, green mixed color these seven color change) Rotating Leds in top.

Working Modes: Sound Active, AUTO 
Working condition: indoor use only 
Working Time:100,000 hours 
Color: Black 
Material : ABS 

Product Instructions:

Just insert the item into wall charger, then it begin to work. When these no sound in around 
circumstance, the item automatically change color : red,green,blue, red&green mixed color, 
red&blue mixed color, green&blue mixed color etc. When playing music,the sound is loudly, 
the item's color change quickly; if the sound is small, the color change slowly 

Warm tips:

1. Avoid many devices synchronously plug in one Power Charger Socket, cause the stage light can't get sufficient current or voltage,then can't work. So just plug the item in separate Power Charger Socket now!

2.This Stage Light could automatically change different color with the rhythm and sound volume of the music. The loudly music have the best effect.