LED projector for the Christmas House Snowflakes Wave

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  • LED PROJECTOR - fantastic device that will decorate the house during both Christmas as well as the usual winter evenings - display on a wall integral part of every winter, the snowflakes. The symbols are constantly moving thanks to the rotating panel. It is ideal for both internal and external use due to its metal housing.
  • MOVEMENT Y SLIDE - Thanks to the rotating panel, snowflakes are in constant motion - they are waving . The size of the themes will be displayed depending on the projector settings. Ideally suited for both internal and external use. It will make any interior and building take on a winter character.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION - the projector has a socket to attach a sharp pin to. Thanks to it we can easily embed it in the ground. Just attach the attachment and the skewer to the projector with the screws ek and it's ready to use. The device also has the option of attaching to a wall or fence only with a cap.
  • ENERGY-SAVING - This is a great alternative for people who illuminate their homes / apartments with a large number of lamps . This means that immediately after the holiday season we receive huge electricity bills and they shone only a few days. The projector will make the building stand out from the others and also reduce power consumption .
  • SPECIFICATION - power: 5W; power supply: 200-240V 50-60HZ; dimensions (length / width / height): 10.5 / 15 / 26cm; cable length: 4.8cm; set weight: 0.6kg; weight with packaging: 0.64kg.