LAY-Z-SPA Miami AirJet whirlpool, 180 x 66 cm, 2-4 people, round, black

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An exceptional jacuzzi doesn't just have to be the domain of luxury SPA resorts. You can also have one in your own home, and a 2-4 person lay spa is perfect for that. This inflatable hot tub is safe for everyone. Also ideal for the garden.
The Lay-Z-Spa is not only supplied with an inflatable whirlpool, but also with a whole range of accessories and extras that make it easier to use your Lay-Z-Spa whirlpool. This includes a whirlpool pump and a ChemConnectTM chemical dispenser. A reinforced pool cover with safety clips is also included. It also comes with an AirJetTM system and a repair patch to quickly repair the structure in the event of any abrasion in any area.
The Lay-Z-Spa has the advantage of a digital control panel that is accessible from inside the inflatable hot tub. The pool has an energy-efficient, time-controlled heating system, whereby the heating can be programmed up to 40 days in advance. Also worth mentioning is the Freeze Shield ™ automatic heater, which prevents the water from freezing in cold weather and damaging your Lay-Spa hot tub.