Ice balls - silicone mold

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Ice balls in a new version :) Now, thanks to the silicone mold, in a pleasant color, you can easily prepare cool drinks and additions to cold dishes. Pour water through the holes in the mold to get only ice balls. However, if we want ice balls with an insert;), then open the mold and put your favorite addition into the ball, they can be, for example, mint leaves, lime particles, raspberries, blueberries, a slice of orange or lemon, or whatever else your imagination tells you and pour it then water or juice. We put them in the freezer for a few hours and serve family members or guests during parties and meetings with unique ice balls with sophisticated additions to cool their drinks or decorate cold dishes in an unusual way. A drink with an ice ball and fruit frozen in it looks really very interesting, and after melting in your glass, a fresh fruit or herbal addition arrives at a pleasant temperature. The balls are quite large so they keep your drink cool for a long time.  Admirers of the purity of drinks should not add any fruit to the ice ball, but should admire the perfect beauty of the spherical block of ice in the glass. The gadget in detail: from the mold you will get 4 balls made of silicone intended for contact with food, scald before the first use to fill with water or juice and your favorite additives after freezing open the mold like a purse Dimensions (cm): 11.5x11.5x5 Diameter (cm): 4.5 Package (cm): 17x14.5x5