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Hair trimmer hair clipper beard trimmer nose

Hair trimmer hair clipper beard trimmer nose

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A hair clipper is a product that everyone should have. An appointment at the hairdresser' s and waiting for your turn are a thing of the past. This device is good for cutting and styling hair, shaving hair, trimming beards and mustaches, and can also be used for balancing eyebrows.
The hair clipper is equipped with a number of functions that make its work much more efficient. It has, among other things, shaving attachments and a nose trimmer, a shaving attachment and 5 guide combs, which can be adjusted according to the desired hair length. The hair clipper is also supplied with a stand, lubricating oil and a cleaning brush.
The hair razor is not only practical but also easy to use. It has an ergonomic shape that allows you to adapt it to the shape of your hand for comfortable use. The hair clipper also has 5 combs that you can use to determine your preferred hair length and enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.

EVERYTHING INCLUDED - the hair trimmer machine is used for cutting and shaping hair, beards and mustaches, shaving beards and mustaches, and leveling out eyebrows or trimming nose and ears.


VERSATILE - the hair clipper is equipped with 5 attachments. Including nose trimmer and razor cap, as well as 5 guide combs, charging cable, stand and lubricating oil and cleaning brush.


SPECIFICATIONS - Fast charge: 5 h Operating time up to 60 min Dimensions: 16/4 / 2.5 cm Weight: 0.134 kg


PRACTICAL - the hair trimmer with interchangeable elements offers different cutting lengths and the beard can be shaped as desired.


FAST CHARGE - the shaver charges for 5 hours after plugging in and is then fully operational. The operating time of the device after charging is 60 minutes.

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