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Gold Collagen Crystal Neck Mask Collagen Neck Lift Masks

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Ingredient: Collagen
Type: Neck Mask
NET WT: 40g

Main ingredients:   

Pure plant collagen, hydrogel, yellow gold powder, embryo living cell, Pearl essence, vitamin C, vitamin E, arbutin, elastin and natural mositurizing factor and etc.


The Functions of Collagen masks:   

Can rapid, efficient and perfect repair damaged skin, completely regularize skin nutrition, anti-wrinkle moisturizing, elastic, at the same time, more effectively promote facial cell metabolism, accelerate the melanin excretion, pigment signals were subdued, balance the distribution of pigment cells, effectively improve coarse, black, yellow skin conditions such as, achieve smooth and tender, white and transparent whitening effect.    


How to use:   

the mask directly apply to the neck, gently adjust position, enjoy 30 to 60 minutes   

in winter can put aluminum thin seal neck film at 50. C under hot water, soak a minutes heat effect is better 


Package: 1pcs neck mask