Glass Cleaning Tool Double-Sided Telescopic

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1.Multi-function retractable folding U-shaped high-floor window glass cleaning wipe, ergonomic U-shaped design, bid farewell to climb.
2.Install the wiping surface without gaps; freely match the glass without adjustment.
3.The principle of leverage and effort; easy to wipe the high-rise floor glass and room, which is labor-saving. Bid farewell to back pain.
4.180°rotate the head; press the button to enter the lower hanging rod, rotate the adjusting head, press and hold the other button to enter the lower head, you can adjust the angle at will. Ensure every corner is clean.
5.Telescopic and use; flexible and variable, easy to use. Made of high quality aluminum alloy rod; high strength, light and durable.
Model Number:Window Cleaning Brush Tool
Glass classification:Universal polishing the window cleaner
Package Contents:
1 * Glass Cleaning Tool