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Fitness Rubber Bands Resistance Band Unisex Yoga

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Model Number: Fitness Elastic Band


Increasing muscle activity
If you want to build strength, improve flexibility, correct bad form, or sculpt muscle tone, our versatile resistant bands force your muscles to work harder, increasing muscle activity, growth, and function.
High elasticity
Designed with thick, high-quality fabric, our bands are strong enough to maintain its resistance even after extensive stretching and also feels soft on your skin.
Secure grip that stays put
An inner grip elastic loop allows you to stay focused on movements that matter most so youll never have to worry about a band that rolls up or slips off during use.
Deep squat
Deep squat resistance takes pull force big, rebound flexibility is good, deep squat is the best action that raises leg ministry strength, still can promote systemic strength very well, the first selection that develops leg ministry muscle, promote systemic muscle growth, improve cardiac function.
Push past training plateaus
Our resistance band easily transform your workouts and exercises for faster results. Reach your fitness and therapy goals by efficiently working multiple muscles at the same time.

Type: Fitness Elastic Band
Quantity: 3PCs
Material: polyester + latex silk
Color: Lake Blue, Pink, Purple
Lake blue: 76*8cm/29.9*3.1inch, 30~40LBS
Pink : 76*8cm/29.9*3.1inch, 50-60LBS
Purple : 76*8cm/29.9*3.1inch, 70-80LBS
Net Weight: 415.0g/14.64oz

3*Fitness Elastic Band
1*Mesh bag