Fan heater control panel cold setting 2 power levels fan 2000W

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The pleasure and convenience of a space heater aren't the only benefits of staying at the right temperature. It is also about the good state of health and the maintenance of the apartment or house, which must be properly heated so that the conditions in the apartment or house can be used without any problems. The heater is a device that ensures the right room temperature and therefore lets us linger in it. Its design appearance, on the other hand, makes it an interesting element of interior design. The heater works quietly so that it can even be set up in the bedroom or children's room.

2000W - The 2000W heater heats up immediately. The construction of the unit ensures that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room. The heater also has a handle for convenient handling. 

TURBOW BLOWER - The product is equipped with a turbo blower that works perfectly even in summer. It blows out cool air and also allows you to adjust the intensity from a light gust of wind that works well at night to a strong wind that brings relief on a hot day.

SPECIFICATIONS - Color: White Material: polypropylene maximum power: 2000W Voltage: 220V Dimensions (L / W / H): 14/23/27 cm Weight: 1.1 kg Weight in packaging: 1.2 kg 

2 POWER LEVELS - The device has 2 power levels so that it can be adjusted as required. In addition, the product has a turbo fan, which ensures rapid distribution of the heat in the room and enables cold air to be supplied. There are also up to 6 intensity levels.

CONTROL PANEL - The frel has an easy-to-use control panel that consists of two buttons. One adjusts the airflow output and the turbo fan, the other adjusts the heating intensity. The trolley takes up little space, fits into every cupboard when not in use and has a practical handle.