Electric manicure
Electric manicure

Electric manicure

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Cenocco beauty CC-9022; Electric manicure for natural and shiny nails


Nail polish has 3 toxic chemicals, namely (dibutyl phthalate), toluene and formaldehyde. Scientists have found that DBP can cause hormone production problems in a fetus; toluene can cause reproductive problems, headaches, itchy eyes; breathing in toluene can irritate eyes, throat and lungs. Formaldehyde can cause breathing problems and even cancer. There is also a risk that exposure to toluene at high levels can damage the nervous system and cause birth defects in an unborn baby. Who knew a nice manicure could be so scary!


But do not worry, it's a product that will stand out in beauty and health. Cenocco beauty manicure for natural and shiny nails without toxins of nail polish. The Cenocco Beauty Electric Manicure polishes your nails leaving a sparkling finish without harming - an alternative without nail polish chemicals.


You can get the perfect manicure and pedicure without having to visit a specialized salon, a nail care system in the comfort of the home. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals! Revitalize your naturally brilliant nails. If you prefer natural looking glow nails instead of having chemical nail polish, this is the product for you. Cenocco Electric Beauty Manicure for Natural, Shiny Nails is the perfect, effortless way to keep your finger nails and toenails shiny and natural looking.




White colour
Measure: 23 x 11 x 7 cm
Material: ABS plastic
Power supply: 2xAA batteries
High level: 8000rpm / min
Low level: 5000rpm / min
Voltage: 5V



Adjustable adjustment (low, high)
Electronic micro-polishing technology
Safe and easy to use
Manicure set is built with high quality ABS,
Robust and durable.

The ergonomic shape and reasonable size allows the user to hold it well
Battery running with AA battery.
Includes 4 cylindrical foams:
Aqua -polishes the nails.
Violet-eliminates imperfections and rigid parts of the nail surface.
White -Clun Shine
Three steps to get shiny nails:

Use the purple roll to classify your nails to your desired shape.
Use the orange roller to smooth the surface of your nails, clean ridges, stains and get ready for polishing. But take care not to damage your nails for use of more than 10 sec or make your nails too thin.
Use the white roller to polish your nails to a perfect luster manicure.