Electric Heated Gloves with AA Battery Powered Winter Waterproof

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Brand Name: G.ALDOVA
Model Number: Heated Gloves001
Material: Cotton, Leather, PU

Winter Heating Gloves

Sales package: each set contains a pair of electric gloves, 2 DC battery boxes, no battery inside Fever part: five fingers back Temperature: 50-60 degrees at room temperature. Product power supply: 4.5VDC battery power supply. Choose a No. 5 alkaline battery or charge a No. 5 battery (1.5 V, capacity above 1500 mAh). A battery container is a 3-cell container for a battery. Conventional carbon batteries, or small batteries, do not supply electricity and do not heat up. The heating time depends on the battery capacity used, and the larger the capacity, the longer the time. A fully capacious 1500 mAh rechargeable battery is used to fully charge after about 2 hours.