Electric and rotary fly trap

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Easy to use and non-toxic, this rotary electric fly catcher is for you! Simply place a little bait on the dedicated locations (sugar water, honey, beer ...) and let the device attract all the flies and flying insects while its rotary motor will trap them in the trap. Much more effective than insecticide bombs, it is more economical and ecological. Insects are trapped by the force of rotation and deposited in a tank that you can empty when full. - No more fly swatter, ineffective electrical traps, dangerous pesticides. - No battery, connection via USB. - Economic and Ecological.
Directions for use - To attract flies and other flying insects, place the bait on the grooves provided for this purpose (sugar water, jam, beer, honey ...). - Be careful not to use solid bait. - Connect the power supply and turn on the switch. - The fly is attracted by the bait and send to the tank by the turntable. She is thus imprisoned. - Clean the trap by opening the tank when it is half full. Features - 1 x Fly-catcher - 1 x USB cable - 1 x USB plug