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Dead sea salt salt

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MERSEA Dead Sea products is next to AHAWA the largest and most famous Dead Sea cosmetics series in Israel. MERSEA is successfully marketed worldwide (including USA, Russia and Japan). Since 2015 we have the exclusive rights for Germany. Dead Sea products are world famous for their intense cosmetic effects and therapy success with psoriasis and acne. 

The outer packs are multilingual in German, English, French and Russian 

✔ Over 80 beauty and wellness products in premium premium quality (GMP-certified) 
✔ Mersea Dead Sea Original SPA and wellness products: creams, soaps, shower gels, shampoos, salt peels, Dead Sea bath salt aromatics and packs with the original Dead Sea mud 
✔ Dermatologically tested and certified: tested cosmetics without animal experiments, produced without parabene 
✔ High compatibility 
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Fruity-fresh aroma bath with the smell of orange blossoms. Bath in a fragrant orange grove. With the 100% pure MERSEA - Dead Sea Salt you have the possibility to supply your skin with natural mineral salts directly from the Dead Sea. These minerals are ideal for the metabolism of sensitive and demanding skin.

Lick at Dead Sea Salt: It tastes like eating salt it is stretched.

MERSEA - Dead Sea Salt already contains 200g for a relaxing full bath, while many Dead Sea salt products require 500g per bath.

Now enjoy the power of the Dead Sea in your own four walls. Turn your bathroom into your personal spa and experience pure wellness when you prepare a bath with the proven Mersea Dead Sea crystal salt . Your skin will shine in a youthful freshness that you may have long wanted. Like a fountain, bathing in the salt water of the Dead Sea .

Prepare it for yourself and experience the powers of nature. By regular bathing with MERSEA - Dead Sea Salt a relaxing and balancing effect is achieved. In addition, the natural exfoliating effect removes very fine skin supplements and unwanted deposits very gently.

Aromatherapy with MERSEA Dead Sea Crystal Bath Salt

MERSEA Dead Sea bath salts are available in many intoxicating fragrances: relaxing lavender, sensual vanilla, refreshing lemon grass, rose magic, refreshing blue ocean, natural and eucalyptus cold bath. Of course paraben free!

The MERSEA Dead Sea Salt is characterized by:

  • Contributes to the stabilization of the skin protection barrier.
  • Is ideal for sensitive, brittle, greasy and problematic skin.
  • With the naturally highly concentrated minerals from the Dead Sea.
  • Also suitable for skin care if you suffer from acne, eczema or psoriasis.

The Israel original Dead Sea Product seal shows that this product is the original MERSEA Dead Sea Salt from Israel. Always pay attention to this seal when you purchase authentic products from the Dead Sea!


1. Place 200g of the bag in the bathtub, and then allow the water to drain. Thus the MERSEA - Dead Sea Salt dissolves best. Swimming time: 20 minutes at 37 ° -38 °.

2. If you want to experience a natural peeling, you can rub small amounts of the MERSEA Dead Sea Salt on the appropriate skin areas, let it soak in for approx. 5 minutes and then rinse off with clear water.

3. For a foot bath, use 100-200 g of MERSEA - Dead Sea Salt in approximately 37 ° C water. 30 minutes foot bath are ideal