Cushion Heel Spurs/Heel Neuromas Flat Feet

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Item Type: Foot Care Tool
Size: 1 pair
Material: Gel+Fabric
Type: Orthopedic Supplies
Brand Name: DAY DAY FUN


Massage gel designed for maximum comfort and arch support.

Reduce pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, endonitis.

Can be worn with our without shoes.

1. Fast Heel Pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis Cushion Gel Heel Support Insoles Pad. 

2. 100% brand new and high quality. 

3. Made from ultra soft materials, our new Foot Care Range is the perfect solution for anyone

requiring superior, all day comfort. 

4. These Gel Heel Cushions are designed to protect the heel and provide enhanced comfort

by reducing the level of impact on the heel whilst walking or standing. They are an ideal heel

cushion for most shoes or trainers.

1 pair x Massage Orthotic Insole Pad