Car Air Purifier Antibacterial Steriliser Ionisati

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Car Air Purifier Antibacterial Steriliser Ionisation Function Ionisation Car charger Fresh Air Modern White Comfortable 6434

It’s really important to keep the quality of the air we breathe as high as possible. The air purifier is a very practical device, it keeps the air fresh, making us feel much healthier.
The air cleaner features the high quality HEPA filter, the filter makes the disinfection process more efficient, resulting in the device being more effective. The filter is ideal for absorbing dust. It gets rid of harmful gasses, smoke, smog and fumes. It effectively kills bacteria and stop viruses, fungi and all different allergens which can reach  you. It’s very efficient as well and guarantees long term air cleaning. You can take the filter out and clean it under running water, thanks to that the device will function as it should for a very long time The device has been equipped with an ioniser. The generator releases negatively charged anions allowing it to be more efficient.
The product is universal and suitable for any type of car, as long as it has a cup/drink holder. A convenient power supply in the form of a car charger adds to the comfort of use. The lightweight, compact size and detachable wire allow you to easily carry and store the steriliser.
The air purifier is made from robust materials boosting its durability and lifespan. White color and the modern attractive, elegant look of the casing add to its esthetic value. The device looks great inside a car. The control panel is incredibly easy to use, so that even the elderly will be able to use it.
The product is mainly aimed at people who suffer from allergies or spend a lot of time on the road, for instance professional drivers. It’s recommended for little children, pregnant women or people with weaker immunity system.
The 2in1 air purifier can be used all year long. No matter if you commute to work, go for a weekend trip or vacation, the air cleaner is the perfect solution. The fresh air will improve your overall well being and increase comfort of driving.It will prevent you from getting ill and create a healthier environment around you.


HEPA filter - high quality filter can be used to disinfect the air and to efficiently eliminate harmful gasses, smoke, smog, fumes, dust, dirt, viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens. 

AIR IONISER - generator releases negatively charged anions, allowing the device to work with utmost efficiency the particles are more easily caught thanks to ionisation. 

EFFICIENT - device guarantees long term, effective air cleaning the filter has a long life, you can easily take it out and clean it with running water.


UNIVERSAL - the air cleaner is suitable for any type of car equipped with a cup/drink handle - all you have to do it place it there, it doesn’t need to be mounted and can by charged with the use of a car charger making it more comfortable to use.