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Blackhead Remover Blackhead Vacuum Pore Vacuum

Blackhead Remover Blackhead Vacuum Pore Vacuum

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Blackhead Remover Blackhead Vacuum Pore Vacuum Cleaner Comedone Extractor Kit for Acne Pimple Grease Removal and Pores Face 8545

The blackhead remover is very easy to use and can be operated with just one button. The microdermabrasion device has up to 5 different operating modes, so you can easily adjust the suction power to your skin type. Correctly performed treatments with the removal device are absolutely safe for the skin and extremely effective.

There are 4 different suction nozzles in the extraction machine:
The first tip with a small opening is specially designed for cleansing the face of blackheads. The tip has a tiny opening, so that the suction power of the device is concentrated on a small part of the skin, which is then deeply and effectively cleaned.

The second, elongated tip is designed for an express facelift. The device creates a gentle vacuum that massages the skin, improves its microcirculation and tension.
The third end of the removal device is loved by every woman where the first wrinkles began to appear. With the help of this tip, the device performs a gentle, soothing massage, stimulates and tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and eliminates discoloration.
The fourth tip thoroughly cleanses dead skin, degreases and smoothes the skin.

FACE CLEANING - The product helps to fight acne and scars - a thorough facial cleansing prevents the formation of new impurities

 A sensational, gentle massage with a tightening effect has a deep effect on the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles and makes current wrinkles less visible.

5 PERFORMANCE LEVELS - The suction power can be easily adjusted to the skin type. Correctly performed treatments with the microdermabrasion device are completely skin-friendly and extremely effective, you can perform them yourself at home.

 4 ADVANCES - The set contains 4 different attachments, each of which has different functions such as skin cleansing, rejuvenation, revitalization and discoloration removal. 1 device = many advantages! The complete set allows you to perform many treatments and will satisfy every woman.


SPECIFICATIONS - power: 5W voltage: 5V battery: lithium 600mA suction power: 53KPA number of power levels: 5 charging: via USB port (included) dimensions (L/B/H): 5/4,5/19,5 cable length: 80cm weight: 250g.


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