Anti-sand beach towel XXL 200 x 150 cm

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This 100% sand-resistant beach towel will allow you to enjoy the beach with your family and in complete freedom. With two layers of waterproof honeycomb, this towel allows the sand to slide through its small holes without being able to go back to the surface. Inspired by aerospace materials, this beach towel is the most popular innovation this year. Finished the sand that sticks everywhere, finished shaking his towel by sending half of the sand in the eyes of his neighbor, finally be relaxed at the beach. Ideal for your moments of solitary idleness, for your picnics between friends or beach games with your family, this towel carried everywhere. Its size XXL allows you to lie down completely and several !!!
Pluses: - Each corner of the beach towel is equipped with a ring allowing you to fix it on the ground using stakes for a better setting up. - Its size XXL allows you to lie down completely and to several. - Its waterproof material dries instantly. - Available in 3 colors. Product details: - Anti-sand beach mat. - Ideal for picnics, camping and the beach. - Multi-weaving technology. - Size: 200 x 150 cm. - Composition: 100% polyester . - Machine washable.